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Listing Your Home


Get Ready. Need Help Listing Your Home For Sale? Here are some Quick and Easy tips to keep your home show ready If you’re about to put your home on the market you know that you need to be prepared…

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Moving Tips


Buying or Selling Your Home? Next Comes Packing Here are Some Moving Tips If you will soon be moving and you are facing dreaded task of packing this can be one of the most stressful parts of the entire home…

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Home Viewing Tips


Tips to help you look past the bells and whistles of a show ready home You walk into a showing and the house looks pristine, soft music is playing and there’s a lovely sent in the air. You are immediately…

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Curb Appeal Sells


Make a good first impression, curb appeal sells! When you are selling your house many people start by viewing it online, and more than 60% will drive by after viewing online to give it further glance. For this reason curb appeal…

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Prepping Your Home For Open House


Getting ready for an open house? Let us help you prepare Preparing your home for sale can be a daunting task. There are many things to think about and you want everything thing to look just right when potential buyers walk…

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Positive Outlook for First Time Home Buyers

Below is a link to a Fortune article discussing the increase in first time home buyers in 2015. The continuing decline in unemployment rate along with intererst rates remaining low has a positive outlook for the typical demographic of first…

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Misconceptions of listing your home in the winter

We have all heard that you shouldn’t list your home in the winter months around the holidays, but new research is proving this old theory wrong. Business Insider has a great article that goes into the reasons that November and…

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Don’t Forget Title Insurance

Sometimes the ideas for blogs best come from an issue that can currently be at hand.  Therefore, I will be briefly talking about title insurance.  Just a quick note on this topic first.  If you cannot give clear title on…

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Let’s Get Dirty! About Bathrooms

When buying a house you want everything to look fresh and bright, giving you the “I could live here for a long time” feel.  We walk into a house and notice paint and flooring and even the seller’s décor.  We…

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